How to Recover DeepLens Password

From DeepLens website.

Hey DeepLens fans!

In case you forgot your SSH password initially set up up for your DeepLens like I did, sad face. Here are a few steps that I compiled from different resources, proven to be working.

Items to prepare before you proceed:

  • usb keyboard
  • micro hdmi to hdmi cable
  • monitor with hdmi input

Steps to follow:

  1. press ESC key until bios screen comes up
  2. select continue and hit enter
  3. press ESC once (important step!), then select the SECOND option with “recovery mode” at the end

4. select root shell and press enter

5. type in the following commands

6. follow the prompts to reset the password for that user

7. press ctrl+d

8. continue with booting the device or reboot



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